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The summer arrived today!


And we walked for over 1 hour this evening in the wonderful sunny weather.
Here we stop for a short break and Eloy is enjoying all the attention he gets.
To see him so happy still breaks my heart a little bit, and at the moment he is handle the situation better then me.

I think he is stunning, and very lucky to have you!  It would be wonderful for all parrots to live in the wild, and I feel sad that mine are inside so much, but they are as safe as we can make them.  There are no predators, they have a great diet with us, and many times they live longer than in the wild.  Still, my heart is sad when I see that they would love to live outside.


Eloy is surely beautiful!  Looks like he thoroughly enjoys the great outdoors! He looks very much like Felix that I had here for many years. 


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