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Somebirdy is 10!

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It is Charlie!  He turned 10 earlier this month. He is my independent little man who has a lot of opinions. He is quirky and pretty spoiled and loved.

He's the Maxi/coral bill hybrid right? :) Looks like Lurch, just with a redder beak. Funny thing is Lurch is probably close to 10 now too as I was told he was 4 maybe close to 5 when I got him Dec 24th 2009.
Never told exact hatch date, no band, so he's like Nerd was, fairly good idea how old he was but not for sure.
Lurch is pretty quirky and spoiled and loved too, though maybe not as much on his moody days :biglaughing:

Beautiful, beautiful Charlie! Have a Happy Birthday! ♥♥♥

Julie T:
Happy 10th Birthday Charlie!!  :danceparty:

Charlie says Thank you!


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