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can any one tell me

Nerd had yellow and white feathers when I first got him and his brother. He was very underweight and skinny too but that was in 78 and they were pretty new to the pet trade.
I finally found some feather oil stuff and put it on their food and whatever vitamins and minerals it had his bad feather coloring molted out and never came back, plus I think I started feeding him a better mix of foods.
I think I'd take him in for a checkup and blood work to see whats going on and make sure it isn't a mutation or a really bad vitamin deficiency.
 Good luck and hopefully other then the feather issues he's healthy and happy, Typical weight for a Maxi is around 250 grams plus or minus.
Nerd averaged 214 for 31 years and was happy and healthy other then being small and skinny.
Nerds feathers were never that discolored all over either, just some of them.

I agree with Terry and think you should visit the vet.
Better once to much.. Good luck! :)

He she is not skinny , very plump bird , I have had him / her , for three weeks , last owners fed it a good seed mix , multi vit and fruit /veg  , waiting for dna to arrive back , bird is 7 years old ,

Well sounds all good except for feather color so like said get him checked out just in case. Nerd never seemed to be bothered by his issues either but I and I'm sure he felt better when everything was as good as it could be for him.


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