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~~Angel Takes A Walk~~

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I like to take Angel out for walks when the weather is pleasant, meaning not too hot here in Texas. He can hold on to my arm fine while we walk. I don't take him too far, just around the yard, he will get a little tired of it fairly quick. These photos were earlier in Spring when it was still cool enough to enjoy a little time in the sun. And for those that may be wondering, I don't use a harness on Angel as he will never be able to fly due to the joint disabilities he has in his wings as well as his legs.  :yes:

Julie T:
That's so nice that Angel gets to see outside and get some nice weather!

Angel still gets a little anxious if he stays out too long. I don't go far with him, he likes the safety of the house being close to his flock.

Ruby Jewel is my girl I can take for a real walk. She has a more adventurous nature.  :icon_mrgreen: 

Looks happy and well cared for...great sensitivity on your part to his needs

Nice pics! You have a beautiful flock and welcome to this forum! ♥♥♥


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