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Julie T:
...the WORST personality (aggression) wise after maturity!  :shocking:

This info is coming from one of only 10 exclusive avian vets in the entire US. He has invented procedures, and been on the forefront of avian medicine for years now. SO, what I'm saying is that he's seen and worked with A LOT of birds.

Raven does have a strong personality and aggressive tendency (though he's come a long way with training) but I can see it in his basic personality. I read a lady's blog (?) or website about a BW she had (this was some years ago) and he became so nasty after maturity and for so long, (and it really sounded like a nightmare) that she finally rehomed him. I was thinking 'well maybe she didn't teach him enough structure and ground rules before maturity, but maybe that has nothing to do with it (?). 

There must be SOME sort of foundation to this avian vet's opinion. After all, he also pointed at Robin and said "those guys too" meaning Red Bellied Parrot males. HE'S RIGHT! Now THAT I have read and heard from other RB male owners many times over the years, as well as knowing Robin over the 20 years I've had him. Red Bellied males have a reputation because for the most part, speaking about general species characteristics, it's true! I have permanent scars to prove it. So now, knowing how Raven is ALREADY at under 11 months old, I'm a bit concerned. Did I end up with 2 beloved boys who are a species known to be half angry pit bull?

*Nancy are you out there??! I want to know how Chante is? He's gone through hormones already right?

Goodness!! Well all I can say to your impending lament Julie T is thankfully Raven wasn't born with a macaw sized beak!  :shocking:

None of my birds are anywhere near maturity yet. But from what I read time and again most of our sweet babies are destined to drive us nuts and try our patience til they finally get on into their teens and begin to pass the breeding years.  :faint: 

Julie T:
Thanks De'Andrea! Yes, I'm thankful that with his attitude he isn't any larger than he is! I've heard some Pi's act hormonal long before they're mature though.

I've never heard or read that before about Bronze Winged in particular, so it surprised me when he said that. I've always read that White Caps are typically the most feisty. I have heard males of any kind of Pi are typically harder to handle than females (just like Amazons) and it does seem that way.
I love my boy... He keeps saying "Raven good boy!" today.  :)

Raven has also officially nicknamed HIMSELF... I've heard several times now, he will refer to himself as Ray, or Ray Ray.  :biglaughing: it's hilarious since we NEVER have called him that! Raven made it up himself!

Too too funny, Ray Ray!!  :haha: They do come up with things on their own that leave you  :shocking:  Mine have surprised me with a "WT~~moment" a few times. 

Never a dull moment when living with parrots!  :icon_mrgreen: I've yet to figure out what Roscoe is really trying to say when what I hear coming out of him is, "Mo Betta'" and we don't ever use that phrase.  :shades: And this from a bird who talks plainer than me when he wants too! Not so much of a Texas drawl from him. Leyla Belle my ekkie has a decidedly southern accent. I'll elaborate more on her my Diva when I get a thread started for her.

Julie T:
I'd love to hear about all your birds!  :icon_mrgreen:


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