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Surprise!! Raven has a new little friend

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Julie T:
I have to share this good news... I'd had my deposit on this little guy for months before, and he finally is here (chaos, I had to take him the same week we were moving)  :shocking:

This is my new little boy Griffin! :icon_mrgreen: He is a Ruppell's Parrot. (Poicephalus family like Robin my Red Bellied, also Senegals, Meyer's, etc). Ruppell's are the rarest Poicephalus in captivity.

When Griffin is mature, he will loose the yellow belly and blue rump. He'll be gray with yellow wing patches and thighs. The females retain the blue.

He and Raven have really taken a liking to each other (quickly) but I always supervise in the room when they're out and together. My older boy Robin wants to kill other birds, so he remains separate (though in the same room). I'll post pics of Raven and Griffin  :)

Poi are generally known to be quiet. What are Ruppell's like?


Julie T:
Thanks!  :)
Griffin makes the CUTEST little squeaks and peeps! Goes with his babyish look right now :heart4: Ruppell's are said to be even quieter than the already fairly quiet other Poi's.

He's smaller than my Red Bellied too. It makes him so cute. I think Ruppell's and Meyer's might typically be a bit smaller than Senegals and Red Bellied.

I've read they're more acrobatic and agile than other Poi's, and it seems to be true! Griffin is often hanging and swinging like a little monkey, and he was very agile right after I got him even at 3 1/2 months old! Not at all slow and clumsy like most species when they're real young.

I'm really enjoying him, and glad he and Raven look like they'll be good friends. Poor Robin by himself. Haha, he likes it that way.

It is nice when they want a buddy and have one. I recall someone on another forum wanting a Ruppell and that they are rare so congrats again on a rare find.

Griffin's baby colors are so cute

Julie T:

--- Quote from: maxsmom on July 12, 2014, 11:53:29 PM ---I recall someone on another forum wanting a Ruppell and that they are rare so congrats again on a rare find.
--- End quote ---

I'm fortunate to live by the breeder! I picked him up from his hand feeder. The breeder Steve Garvin has the most Ruppell's in the US and is said to be "the" authority on Ruppell's Parrots. There is only a handful of a Ruppell's breeders in the US, and I didn't even have to pay for shipping  :)

You know, even though they're rare, they aren't that expensive. Not too much more than any other Poi. Lack of demand is maybe why. Capes aren't as rare anymore, yet they're in high demand and very expensive.


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