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Raven and Griffin's playground area

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Julie T:
Since some of you commented on my set up, I'd like to show the whole thing :icon_mrgreen: I'm really quite pleased with the way it came out! This is Raven and Griffin's cages.

Robin has this, but will get more stuff for his birthday soon.  :)

You have lucky birds. Terrific set up

The cages, boings, and ropes are fantastic! Those birdies must be very happy!

What kind of floor covering do you have?  that is my biggest challenge.

Julie T:
Thanks! :) The good thing is that a lot of that stuff I had previously (and haven't set it up for years because of where I lived). Now it's put to good use. Some of it is pretty big for Poi's and Pi's, but they don't mind, they love it.

momazon - The floor covering is that plastic carpet protector. You can buy at Home Depot or hardware store on a roll. They sell by the foot. Not expensive, but it doesn't look all that great but it's easy. Just spray and wipe up.

Super neat cages and setup. Love all the ropes, bongs and thingys you have going for them.  :icon_mrgreen: I'm sure they love all the fun things to do when out!


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