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Butterbean's home (work in progress)

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We're slowly in the process of building Butters' house, but thankfully he came with quite a bit of things! We did buy some more toys for him, but we're still in the process of making more. We'll be building him a play gym soon, and also a stand.

We just made the stand at the top for him today and he loves it! Haha.

Both my Pi boys love their rope perches, large thickness,  those as well as the cholla wood perches. Chante, my bronze wing is half beaver and chews anything wood

Looks like another satisfied pi! I,too, go with the biggest cage possible. Good on you for wedging the top hinges open, we have to think of these things ;)

Thanks! He loves chewing on his toys, we haven't tried giving him wood yet though we do have a toy that has it! So we will see how he likes it when he gets used to it. (:

And thanks! He loves climbing over everything and going in and out if his cage constantly. I've noticed he's incredibly indecisive if what he wants. Haha.

Julie T:
Sounds like he's having fun exploring!

Although Raven is a younger brother of Chante from a different clutch, Raven isn't as voracious of a wood chewer as Chante! Raven does like his wood toys, but they'll last a long time. He actually likes all types of toys. All my birds especially love shreddable wicker type stuff.

Besides his hanging toys, Raven has a toy box (Kleenex box with top cut off, and cut a little lower so he could reach inside). Most mornings usually before he eats his breakfast, he'll come down to look in the box, pick out a couple foot toys and play for a few minutes before climbing back up to eat breakfast.  :) Maybe Butterbean would like a toy box?


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