Author Topic: Guidelines having an ad for Lost / Found Pionus parrots  (Read 3052 times)

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Guidelines having an ad for Lost / Found Pionus parrots
« on: August 06, 2014, 10:35:37 PM »
1. You may email me, Jan through the main site on the contact us page and I will post the ad for you on here.  You must provide as much info as possible as described below and if  possible, please include a couple of photos which you can do when you contact me. 

2. First and foremost only ads for Pionus parrots are allowed. If your bird is not a Pionus parrot, your ad will not be placed on here.

3.  In your topic title must specify if the ad is for LOST OR FOUND, the specie of Pionus and the date.

4.  If a Pionus is Lost: In the body of your ad, specify the specie of Pionus, if sex is known, name of bird, the general area of where the bird is at. Any other info that may help your bird to be returned to you. If a Pionus is Found: The known date the bird was found.  Your ad can & should describe the color and size of the bird especially if you do not know the specie type.  Mention the approximate location of where you found the bird.  When people contact you on a found bird, never tell them what the bird is ... make the person describe the bird to you.  This helps to prevent the bird from falling into the wrong hands.

5.  You must give your contact info such as your name, email and/or phone. 

This is the forum your ad will show in, which is in this area >,87.0.html

Contact Jan at


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