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Ruff, Ruff


My Charlie learned animal sounds at his previous home apparently. He said ruff, ruff to me twice last night as a warning to back was a polite warning but I just would not expect my pionus to say ruff, ruff to me.  It was quite cute. I adore my Charlie

Ha! They are adorable.  When my zon imitates the dogs she says, "Ooosh ooosh". She talks like she has been drinking heavily lol.

Julie T:
I bet Charlie sounds cute :) How can you tell it was a warning? Was it accompanied by body language? 

LOL! He sure is cute your Charlie! ♥

Well he was looking at me like I was crazy as I was standing chatting to him. I was too close I guess. After the first ruff, ruff he moved away from me as I continued to chat to him. He again said ruff, ruff from a distance while watching me.


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