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Eloys feather collage/name plate

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It isn't ready yet, I'm still missing his blue chest feathers, I hope he will moult them soon.
All of this feathers are from his first and second moult. Look at the pink baby chin feathers. ♥

Julie T:
Wow, that's such a neat thing to do! Beautiful!  :)

!!!!!!! This is just the best!!!!!! I love your creative and beautiful idea!!!!!!!

Lurch is about 10 now and I see a few pink feathers in his chin so I bet Eloy will keep them.
I have tons of feathers from Nerd we kept in a wall hanging basket with some fake flowers in it, we thought it was cool.
We're keeping some of Lurches extras too, at least the ones he doesn't scratch his head with. :biglaughing:

Julie T:
This gives me a great idea for a gift for my mom. She saves feathers from her beautiful Princess of Wales (and a Bourke's parakeet). I'd love to make her something like this and give it as a surprise. I'd love to also do one of Robin... My best friend for 20 years. :)

I'm "saying" I'd love to do it, but I'm feeling some procrastination... Lol


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