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Charlie's changing beak

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The first photo is of Charlie pre adoption 2 years ago at shelter. The second is from a week ago. Just this summer I noticed his beak had changed colors. Charlie is 10 years old and hybrid. He had his beak trimmed this summer and at first I thought his beak was polished during trim but his beak has stayed the coral color so  now I think perhaps his beak layers molted. I am not sure if his beak will stay as it is now but anyway interesting to observe.

Anyway, isn't my guy a cutie.

He's definetly a interesting combo and yes it looks like his beak shed the nasty outer overgrowth and now looks healthy and normal for what he is.
Lurch looks like that except for color and so did Nerd, except they both tended to get pretty dull as there is a volcanic rock on a ring he and Nerd loved to rub their beak on.
Looks like he's doing great and hope he's behaving nicely for you now. :)

Julie T:
Charlie is beautiful. He looks so much better under your care!  :icon_mrgreen:

What a huge difference, he looks like he is thriving with you. How many trims did it take to get it down to normal?  The color is very pretty!

Charlie is looking great


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