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rehome a sennie?

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Is it okay to post here that my daughter would like to rehome her sennie? If not, please remove this.  I was not sure if I should post in the rehome section, or Other Species, or not at all. We paid for her to get her in a better place, but we are not the perfect spot for her.  We are her second home, and she is five years old. She is very charming in all the sennie ways, rolling on her back and wanting you to tickle her feet, bathing and talking, etc.

I have a tough time passing a bird along, as they seem to bounce from home to home, but over the years there has been a macaw, an inbred 'tiel, and a grasskeet that we had to place with more suitable homes. If the perfect place does not come along, she can stay with us, as she gets an excellent diet, lots of foraging and toys, and really loves to taunt the dogs.

We are in Washington and would prefer not to ship.

Julie T:
I know we feel bad when having to rehome, but I also know that sometimes it just isn't a good match. I've had to do it several times also, even after researching, and not buying on impulse. Still, sometimes it's just unforeseen.
Of course we always go into it thinking they have a forever home, but I personally don't like to hear the phrase "forever home" with the attitude that there would NEVER be a situation in which they'd have to rehome. It's naiive IMHO when people think that. Many experienced owners know otherwise. Many times it's so much better for the bird!! Sometimes the bird picks who they like or don't like, or are better in a different environment. It's okay.

I know you have and will continue to provide her with the best life until her perfect home comes along.  :) Best of luck!

Thanks for understanding, Julie, it is hard.  The post about the rehomed pi's today made me realize we need to rehome the sennie and just have New world birds, since they are the ones we fit with best.  My d has asked me to post a rehome msg for a long time, but I could not help but feel Sunny might go to a not-so-good place.  I would rather have pi's than anything. As for the zon, she stays.  We are like siamese twins lol

Julie T:
Siamese twins LOL :icon_mrgreen: (no emoticon for that one haha). That's why you're momazon!!

Looking back, I've mainly always had birds from the Old World myself. Still getting to know the Pionus  :wink1:
I'm glad Raven and Griffin are good buddies being species from very different environments, and different size as well.


Yes, this is fine!! Hope the Sinnie finds a great home!


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