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2 years!!!

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I have had Charlie 2 years! It has been a long road and I wasn't  sure I would make it in the beginning. Charlie and I still have our work to do but I can proudly say he is healthy and happy with lots to keep his mind occupied, a buddy pionus pal, a well rounded diet and lots of room to be his independent self.

Charlie, I am happy I have you. So is Maximus!

 :clapping: :woohoo: :wefly:

Julie T:
Congratulations maxsmom! Good work with Charlie  :icon_mrgreen:. It's a good feeling to look back and see the improvements.

No doubt Charlie is very happy, too!  You are a great birdie mom!

Thanks for well wishes

I was kind of busy and not posting but Nov 8 was Chante's 2 year adoption anniversary and I cant imagine not having him here and i dont think Adam could either


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