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Raven gained weight :)

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Julie T:
As some of you remember, I was always concerned how Raven seemed a bit on the light side for a BW male. The vet's scale would always say about 215-218. He is now between 14-15 months old, and at his last vet visit a week or two ago (forgot to post this) he was 227 on the vet's scale!  :icon_mrgreen:
I hope that was true weight, and not because he might have eaten a lot right before getting in the carrier! I think 227 is still on the slightly puny side for a BW male, but his breast muscle feels and looks the way it should, so I should just be happy with that. I was just reading the old "weigh in" thread, and it looks like Pionus might still be growing at Raven's age? We'll see  :)

I have to get a new scale at home. The cheap kitchen scale I got from Target wasn't accurate in the first place, and now it's out of battery. I think I'll just have to buy a new one.

Eloy had his fully weight at 2 years old.

Julie T:
Thanks. I think he'll probably still grow and become an average weight. From the other thread it looks like other Pi's were still gaining up to about 2 years. 

Chante is about 240 so raven isnt that much lighter, and Chante turned 3 in September

Julie T:
Nancy, how is Chante hormonally? My vet swears that BW males are the worst. I've read Internet horror stories of BW males too.

You never mentioned that Chante was a raging hormonal madman, and he's a 3 year old BW male... and has the same genetics as Raven, so I'm curious. What are he and Adam like during that season?

Congrats on Chante's adoption day too :)


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