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Cuddle time

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So Charlie had a visit to the vet for his annual exam. The whole process stresses him. He wheezes heavily just about whole time. My vet and the staff are great and they try to respect his boundaries while still ensuring a thorough exam. The vet even left the room a bit so Charlie could stop wheezing and calm down.

The best part about going to vet is Charlie wants cuddle time after vet visits. He wants to be on my shoulder getting lots of scritches. It is as if he finds this comforting after going through an ordeal. I love this short bonding time with Charlie and almost wish we went to vet more often. But I am glad he is healthy and frequent vet visits are not necessary.

Julie T:
So sweet! It's nice to find our independent, hands-off male Pi's in a cuddly mood!  :)

Thanks, I treasure him

Poor baby! Sounds like the vet is in tune with his feathered clients  :) 

The vet we use freaked out when Nerd bird started wheezing as they had never really seen a Maxi before but one of the techs had and informed them it was normal. He also would run up on my shoulder and hide behind my neck after a visit and it was nice to have him wanting me to comfort and protect him, which the vet who worked on him thought was sweet. She remembered him on his last visit as a sweet heart even though the first time he tried to take her finger off at first till I grabbed him and let him bite me instead.


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