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Introducing Nick. His age is unknown but he appears to have a USDA quarantine station band. I just brought him hoime from a rescue in northern MI last night and he was tired from a long drive through heavy fog and then pouring rain so what should have taken 4 hours took 6 but he was very well behaved. He lived with the same family for 19 years and they were moving and didnt want to bring him with them, it seems he had been in a very small cage and not really handled. He is in quarantine now and will see my vet on Friday, he did have a slight respiratory infection when he came to the rescue but it was treated and he is supposedly cured.

Cute Lil bugger :icon_mrgreen:

Julie T:
Ooh Nancy!! Congratulations, I do remember you saying that you wanted a Dusky. Good for you!
So do I actually, but circumstances won't permit another bird for a while. That's a nice looking 'Pionus collection' there! While you're at it, why don't you collect the whole set?  :icon_mrgreen:

It seems like Duskies really vary in color. He looks pretty bright, like a pink. Is the photo true to color? Nick is beautiful!

Good for you and Nick! Another match made in heaven!

Congrats, Nancy! What a lucky guy. He loses a home of 19 years (wonderful to have 1 home so long) and then lands softly with a wonderful experienced pionus owner who will provide a bigger cage, two wonder pionus buddies, and all the fixings

His coloring looks normal to me based on what I have seen on internet.

Happy Thanksgiving


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