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Happy Thanksgiving

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Wishing all, whether in US or not, the opportunity to take a moment today and be grateful

We are also going to take a moment to pig out :shades:
Will eat and hang out with family all day and maybe watch some movies. Lucky me I got Friday off so may hit some sales when I decide to wake up, don't think I want to do the Black Friday up at 4am thing anymore as not that many worthy sales when I find deals like that all year round and can get same deals online anyways.
Hope you and everybody else has a great day.

I was just thinking this morning as my hyper active 2 yo wcp male was getting into everything....in 8 more years maybe he will be calm. Then I thought, Humm do I want a perch potato who doesn't do anything? So I decided to just enjoy moment and enjoy Max as is now. Gratefulness.

Julie T:
I'm very thankful for my birdies  :). Wow, Max is hyper? Raven is young but still a perch potato Pi  :icon_mrgreen:. He loves to play with his toys, but when he's not playing he's pretty sedate. Griffin is the guy who had too much coffee lol. I always wonder if he'll be that way when older. His closely related roommate was never that way even when young.

I am listening to CBC radio and the announcer just said "THANKSGIVING!!!  Canada does it first!"  Love it!


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