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Raven got a new house!

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Julie T:
Raven was using a cage I had long before getting him. It was in storage under a tarp outdoors for a little while, but some elements got to it and shortened the life of the cage. Just a couple weeks ago, large chunks of powder coating started flaking off his cage all of a sudden exposing rusty spots large enough to be unacceptable.

I unexpectedly had to order him a new cage... I ordered from King's Cages. It came in less than a week, even with Thanksgiving and the weekend! Got a good price on this one, and is much better quality than the one I got Griffin this year. Notice 'who' is modeling the cage. Also the first to go into it!

Very nice cage and setup! :-)
But where is Raven hiding?  :icon_mrgreen:

Love the big ladder with all the small shoes! ♥

Julie T:
Thanks! Raven is on the rope above. You can just see his tail if you look in the far upper right  :icon_mrgreen:

Wow, it is so bright and shiny with no poops!  Seriously, it looks very spacious and homey  :clapping:

Julie T:
Thanks, I figured he was used to his oversized second hand cage, so might as well get him a similar size one (2 inches less in width) since his little friend is always over lol!

I was looking at the King's website and saw that so many of the cages smaller than this one were more expensive for some reason! Another reason I got this one.

One thing I don't like is that it goes all the way to the floor, so is harder to clean under. His old one was low, but not this low. Overall, I think I like the features better. Raven is not so sure. He's still adjusting, and I can tell he doesn't feel at home yet poor guy. He hasn't been eating as much since he went in the new cage.


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