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Embracing wcp personality


So wcp are not the prettiest pionus. I picked wcp because I wanted a male quickly and wcp was locally available. I read they were feisty and not a perch potato so I embraced wcp and got Max.

He is not cuddly or sweet. He can be aggressive each day toward Charlie and I watch him like a hawk. He is very very high energy. He loves to preen Charlie and to be preened by Charlie. He is very loyal and wants to be near me most of the time if he is not independently playing or with Charlie. He hardly likes me to go to another part of same room without frantically flying after me. He tries my patience but I am glad I have feisty. It is entertaining to watch him climb curtains, hang up side down, entertain himself.....I am constantly watching him but he really is a nice companion bird - clingy behavior, high confidence, aerobatic antics,  and loyalty are embraced.

Yes there is behavior that gets on one's  nerves but one has to take annoying with endearing behavior. WCP male have bad reputation with some but I feel lucky to have one. He is appreciated for being what he is wcp.

Well, I think wcp's look adorable because they remind me of little tiny Frenchmen in white berets.  Maybe I see things differently, though  (Jan, we need a tiny Frenchmen smiley).

Just for the record, you described Dobby perfectly, so I think the bossy, clingy but not cuddly behavior is a guy thing.  No offens to human males here, hehehe

Thanks for reinforcement.....not wcp.....just male least some male pi

Max kills me :biglaughing: He knows I love to stritch him. He will sparingly permit me to scritch him. He has a way of showing me it is ok or not ok and when to stop...about 2 seconds after I start. But he loves it if Charlie preens him...until Charlie touches a feather in wrong place :biglaughing:

Such a particular boy

Julie T:
I personally think white capped are beautiful! Max sure sounds ACTIVE! He sounds like a male too. Raven has his moments of activity of course, but he is completely different from Max. Perch potato who can care less if I'm near him lol.


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