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Update and finding a source of water...


It has been almost 2 months that Luca and I have became housemates.  I think we are getting on very well.  He has a little cranky side that I see from other posters is pretty normal and I can recognize it and leave him alone.  The rest of the time he is social, consistent with "step up", loves to be scratched and massaged on his head, neck and shoulders.  He is always interested in what I'm doing, follows me around a lot so he is spending a lot of time out of his cage (which he never had in his former home).  With all his free time I was concerned about showing him how to get back up into his cage if he should need food or water.  He was wary of any rope or ladder I tried to use.  Well, my worrying was for nothing when I walked into the kitchen and found him bathing in the dog's water bowl.  I think he can find his own source of water now :)

That's classic  :biglaughing: someday Lurch will want to jump in something and bathe I hope.

Julie T:
That's funny!  :icon_mrgreen: must have been cute to see!

Sounds like a very happy birdie, and hopefully the dog did not mind!

Wow, has he settied in well. What a cutie! Wonderful


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