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Ear piercing


Piercing ears is tiring stuff! Yes I was lucky enough to have my ear pierced this morning by an over excited Kobe. Haven't yet decided what earring will suit...

Good to see you posting, not so much on the piercing :shocking: Lurch did similar to me a few weeks ago when I made the mistake of wearing a new hoody, holding my hot cereal in it's bowl, and letting him out.
He hates some hoodys, always wants our breakfast and gets pissy when it's not offered fast enough. I had two holes in my right earlobe and he got to go back in and get covered a while till we both calmed down and I stopped bleeding.
Not quite ready for the pirate look and hope your ear heals quick like mine has and you and Koby forgive each other.

Julie T:
Sorry to hear about your new piercing, but that pic of Kobe is awfully adorable! :icon_mrgreen: Looks like ear piercing is tiresome work!

Hi Fuzzy,

Kobe looks very satisfied, obviously not burdened by any heavy guilt   :icon_mrgreen:  Happy healing, or getting used to a new look, whichever it is.

Ditto to Momazon's comments. Great to see you post. Great sense of humor. I guess we have to laugh as medicine when bites occur.  Sorry for the piercing


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