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Happy New Year

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A little late but there is still time to celebrate this time of renewal

I encourage all to set a new goal with their pionus parrots...introducing a new healthy food....shaping new bahavior....

Happy New Year to you, too!  Good idea to include fids in resolutions.

Julie T:
Happy new year to you too.

I just need to come up with my own resolution for each  :wink1:of them. Easier suggested than done

Ok, goals for my pionus.....go back to target training them both and teach the shake or the wave to Maximus and perfect the turnaround with Charlie.....actually with Charlie I need to work on his cues. Right now he gets a treat if he speaks and it prevents him from screaming....but he gets an awful lot of treats because he is in control of the cue. I need to change that so that I cue him. I am estatic that he knows not to scream if he wants treats so I will not be upset if we do not move much beyond this. Life has been good with Charlie since he learned not to scream


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