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im looking into adopting a pionus, near Fresno CA

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I want to adopt a pionus, I have read a lot about them and really like them, but I can't find any in my area, I have 2 parakeets, 5 cocktails, and a Rosella, all my birds hang out together, but have separate cages, anyone have any ideas where I could find a pionus to adopt, I don't have a whole lot of money to buy one tho

Have you tried Mickaboo Rescue.  They had several pionus at some point. If they do not have any perhaps they can point you in right direction. Sorry I am on East Coast. I am guessing Fresno may not be close  and Mickaboo may have short distance requirements for adopters. Sorry I am not more help. I hope you find YOUR pi.

Mickaboo does distance placements sometimes, where are you exactly?  Pi's can be so hard to find!

From its website Mickaboo seems to have pionus. Perhaps they would agree to a local rescue doing the home visit for you. Best wishes

Thank you guys, I have put in an application to adopt max and psycho from mickaboo


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