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I settled my wild Maximus down to sleep. As I said Goodnight Good Boy, he responded I love you. When I first got him I said Goodnight mommy loves you when I put him ymto sleep. He often says mommy when I say Maximus to I'd he knows each of our identities in context

Earlier tonight he told me he was a good boy to get a pistachio.

He warms my heart  :wefly: :smilie_bett: :hbeat:

Julie T:
Aw, that Maximus is such a sweet boy!  :heart: It's such a good feeling when you know that they know what it means too. Robin my Red Bellied says I love you at appropriate moments too.

I think he understands context as I have said I love you when I put him to bed but I do not think he truly means I love you in human meaning. He just knows that positive reaction comes when he says it.

Linda L:
Hello there I'm new to this forum and a new Grandparent to a 5 month old white capped Pionus his name is Kilo. I have had cocktail's but never trained them.   Would you be able to help me learn the ropes on the website and assist me with as much information as possible?

I was concerned up until yesterday and then I was so excited Kilo has been home for only 24 days he was biting and did not want us to bring him of cage, well I moved his cage that was in front of a mirror in the family room.  Yesterday morning when I uncovered him and opened his cage to feed him, he hopped off his perch and reached out for me and when I asked him if he want out he chirped and reached out his leg, he steps up on command but all day he was such a sweet loving cuddly Lil guy, that I though someone switched birds LOL.  Kilo is my son Jacobs bird but he decided that we would godparent due to his disabilities plus lets face it Mom is always the one who ends up stuck taking care of the pets.

Also I have two Lab rescues and need any suggestions about introducing them to Kilo.
Thank you so much for reading all of this and I look forward to your response :hello1:
my email is and I'm also on FB


Earlier tonight he told me he was a good boy to get a pistachio.

He warms my heart  :wefly: :smilie_bett: :hbeat:

Yes, my zon says, "Love you love you" when I get the peanut butter out.  I know I'm being played but cannot help myself!


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