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Okay, I'm back posting stuff and asking questions. This question is about something I read on the website about Dog Chow? :eatnow:

Diet: various fruit and vegetables; variable seed mix, in spring/summer sprouted food; fresh branches with buds; regular mineral supplements; rearing food or dog chow, soft or cottage cheese before and during breeding period.

Um, is this a typo or correct? I've never heard of feeding a parrot dog chow. Read this on the diet page of the BH Pionus. Just want to clarify I'm reading this right and why would you feed dog chow and what is it. LOL


You read this in the context of companion birds? Where was this?

I read this on the diet page. :shocking: I don't think this is right...

Can you post link?  I cant seem to find it

I know this is an old post, but I thought I'd comment anyways.

I've heard of dog chow being used in short term/emergency situations when there are no other foods available. Never heard of it being used as breeding food though. That's a first for me!


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