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What do you Pi Peeps Think of this cage?

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Still on the hunt for a cage for my baby pi!!! What do you guys think of this one? I love love love that it is long instead of tall (I am short!) and can you imagine the play top I can build on there?!?!?!?

Julie T:
Hi, no I would not get that for a Pionus. That's what they call a "flight cage" and is appropriate for small birds like finches, budgies, and maybe even cockatiels. In fact, that is the same one I have on my wish list to get my budgie! The bars of flight cages are much too small gauge and flimsy for anything but the tiniest beaks. I know the size and price is attractive, which is why many people want to use them for parrots, but it's not recommended.

I was told that they don't use vertical space, so horizontal was the way to go. Its huge! Yes I would worry about the strength of the welds as well, but it does say pionus in the description. Do you find your pionus uses the vertical space? Like is it worth paying more for a cage that goes all the way to the floor practically, or worry about width and depth?

I was also basing the decision off this article I found here

The bigger the cage the better (as long as it is easy to clean and the bar spacing is no larger than 1"). The minimum size is a cage large enough for the bird to flap its wings and stretch fully without touching the cage bars. Pionus confined to too small a cage are inclined to become rather sedentary and tend to become over weight (not to mention unhappy). I feel a good sized cage is 2' tall, 3' wide, and 2' deep (or slightly narrower to make it easier to manage through doorways). This size has enough room for a swing, 2 or 3 different types of perches, several toys and several food cups without being crowded. I realize that not everyone can afford a cage of this size; however, you should try to buy one as large as possible. Again, remember to make sure the cage is also easy to clean and the bar spacing is no larger than 1" (for the smaller Pionus, like the White-cap and Dusky, 3/4" would be safer).

Julie T:
Yes! Raven DOES use vertical space. I had an Eclectus which is more of a strictly arboreal species I guess, who didn't go to the bottom, but my Pionus sure does!

He has a toy box with a bunch of foot toys in there, as well as low hanging toys. He has a 26x34 cage which is more than he even uses (as Raven is not the most active bird I have). It's not super tall which was hard to find, but it goes all the way pretty low to the floor, so still has a lot of a vertical shape.

A 23x32 (that usually doesn't go down to the floor) is a nice standard size for a Pi. Of course some have smaller, some bigger. It's also what they're used to. Unfortunately parrot cages do cost more than flight cages, but worth it in the long run to invest in a proper cage :).


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