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Will she still love me?

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Howdy! I have a question that my husband and I are really wrestling over. We got our Pionus Cooper last year and I absolutely love her. :-) I think you could describe her personality as standoffish but sweet. Very hilariously quirky.  She has started begging to be held lately and playfullybeak wrestling with me, which I feel like are great signs that she's bonding with us!:-) She's getting more sociable as the days go by. I'm shocked that she's as sweet as she is, because she pretty much grew up in a garage with other birds without other human interaction other than at feeding time. At any rate, we've put a lot of time into befriending her and don't want to lose any ground with her. But, yesterday a GREAT chance was presented to procure a friend for Cooper. A MAN FRIEND!! We love the thought of having two birds, and I love the thought of getting this fellow  in particular because he sounds incredibly social and sweet. But I am so afraid that if they bond, we will lose all the ground we made with Cooper and she won't care about us anymore. Do any of you have any experience with this? Can we still remain buddies with our birds if they have new mates or even start laying eggs?
Thanks for any replies!!

Everything changes when the flock changes. So her dynamics with you would change. Note they may not like each other. You may need to have them have completely separate out of cage time.  The new bird may be noisy....all pionus parrots are not quiet. Male pionus have very different personalities from females typically. You should have separate cages for them as 2 in the same cage can be a problem. If you really want 2, why not get another female?  I have 2 of same sex and they are in separate cages. They are buddies sometimes each day, they fight sometimes each day, they are completely independent sometimes each day. I have to be vigilant when they are both out. Very vigilant. Stuff happens when I turn my back. But my first pionus whom I had for just 4 months prior to getting the second does still have a bond with me but I have to get used to fact that he wants pionus company not my company sometimes.  I do not mean to throw water on your idea....it may work out to be ideal and they get along all of the time...but one needs to condider it may not go smoothly.

Hmm- good thoughts! Thanks for your suggestions! Although I know you can't predict the nature of two birds or how they'll do together... Sure wish you could! :)

I am happy I have my 2 boys. They keep each other company even from separate cages. One can be loud but I have trained him to be much quieter.

Julie T:
As maxsmom said, male and female typically have very different personality characteristics. I currently have a male (who has a "typical" male Pionus personality), and I used to have a female some time ago. I have to say, the female (as is typical of the species) was overall more gentle, more tolerant of handling, and just more easy going. Why not get another female? As was mentioned, they may or may not get along, but at least you won't have to worry about accidental breeding either. Although my male Pi tries to mate with his male friend of a different species all the time lol.


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