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Update on Raven!

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Julie T:
So quite a lot has happened since you've heard from Raven and I. :)

Raven will be 3 at the end of August. He has filled out into a nice healthy adult weight of about 240-ish grams. He goes from about 237 to almost 250, and once was 260! Must have been before pooping lol.

For the first couple years, Raven really wasn't too crazy about me. He much preferred his "dad" instead, despite being with me more, as he is "my" bird. Some of you might even remember he is part of an 'odd couple' bonded to my male Ruppell's Parrot.
Within the last maybe 6 months, Raven all of a sudden has really taken a notice of me and has decided that he does in fact like me  :icon_mrgreen:.

Raven now reaches out to see me and say hi, instead of me always being the one to initiate conversation or contact with him. He is fully flighted, but prefers not to fly very much. He prefers to walk over to where I'm sitting and join me. He likes hanging out on my arm, and will now accept neck scritches from me, and not be nearly as stubborn about stepping up for me nowadays, whereas before he did not want me to touch him at all, even if I had a treat. If I'm giving attention to another parrot, he will become obnoxious about getting attention all to himself. It's hilarious because he will say Raven.. Raaaaven... Goood Boooy, etc. and keep going on louder or saying more phrases that he knows make me laugh if I keep ignoring him. I do turn to him and say a word of acknowledgement, but it's not good enough for him lol.

He has become quite the talker. I haven't counted the words and phrases he says, but he's pretty talented in that he's the only bird I've ever had who will actually repeat a word after you. If it's a new word that he's not sure of, he'll pause and quickly and quietly say "Raven". Once I had laryngitis, and he picked up the gravely awful sounding voice especially when saying Hi. He uses that voice in different tones and sometimes long and drawn out. He knows I think it's funny, and he loves to amuse me. Another funny thing is that he's applied two meanings to the word "vegetable". He says it when he sees his vegetable dish being put in, and he also says it when he means "get away or else!". It's a threat word! :biglaughing: But usually it's only bluffing.

So now, he is well old enough to show hormonal aggression, but he really doesn't. He bluffs a lot, but is overall pretty mild mannered. Much of the time he will be in threat posture as he is stepping up to take a treat lol. Talk about bluffing. I wasn't sure how he would turn out when he was a youngster, because he seemed pretty moody, but I'm pleased to see that he's not an out of control monster. I am not sure if his mild manner has to do with the fact that I made sure to set some ground rules for him as he was growing up, and by positive reinforcement and learning what is good and what is bad from the get go, he keeps his temper pretty much under control.  I only have to watch out when he says "vegetable, vegetable!!" As far as a show of hormones seasonally, he shows this with Griffin his male "mate" of a different species, by feeding Griffin and occasionally attempting to mount him which I don't allow.

He still loves his dad too, and to this day, Don has never been bitten by Raven, and amazingly for a Pionus, Raven will let Don enclose him in both of his hands and snuggle him close (the way you see with many cockatoos). Raven will not struggle, and actually likes this sort of handling (with Don only). You can see Raven relax in his hands and even close his eyes as he's getting cuddled.


Gosh darn, 3 years old already! He sounds so cute and has blossomed nicely.  They sound so cute when they talk!!  It's good to see you and Raven here! We're up for a nice pic of him too!! :)

Julie T:
Thank you Jan :). I'll have to get some nice new pics of the young man. He does sound cute when he talks. He has the funniest sounding voice. Especially when he says "what are you doing?" He's such a character.

Oh cool!  Any chance of a little video of him talking?

Great update! ♥♥♥ I'm so happy that he finally also loves and interact with you.


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