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Recent picture of Chante

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He is an impossible brat but I love him. He also turns and runs as soon as he sees the camera so it is hard to get a good picture but this was last month

He's like " Hey! What is that! Can't you see I'm busy planning my takeover...

LOL...Love the look of 'OMG ...What's THAT????' on his face!

Julie T:
Aw, Raven's older brother :). Yay we get to see the handsome but elusive Chante finally! :icon_mrgreen: He looks like he's going "oh no, I'm actually being caught on film, that can't be!"

Nancy, I have to ask you now, how is "Chante" pronounced? I know  you told us it is Native American. :)

Chan-tay whith a hard ch as in chair, it means heart in Lakota


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