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August VS the Cage

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Getting August back into his cage can be a bit of a challenge and today he managed to crawl back inside without me nagging him! I put a bowl out at the door of the cage and placed a couple of almonds in it. Then waited. Within half an hour he was inside! Wooot!!!!  :shades:

Sounds like Chante. The others are no problem, I can always get them to step up on a perch and carry them to their cages, well except when Nick decides to hide under the couch then I have to wait for him to run out and attack my feet). Adam may bite at my hands but he lets me carry him on a perch. But not Chante, he will fly from hanging perch to hanging perch sometimes for hours. He used to run in with an almond or Nutriberrie but even that doesnt work a lot of the time. At night wen all the lights go out he will go in and soemtimes I can get him in but most days he doesnt come out before I have to go to work because I have been late way to many times because of him

Has he always been a stinker with not wanting to go in?  Is he stick trained or are you just trying to get him to go in on command?  You can't just pick him up to put him in?  I'm telling you, they have a mind all of their own!! LOL!

Chante cannot be picked up, and if I could possibly be fast enough I am sure I would lose a finger or two. We are working on it slowly but he has never been perch trained. Nick is so good, he will usually step right up and just be like "ok now you are carrying me over there".  Adam will also usually tep up although he will at times put one foot on the perch then back it off a few times like he is making it a game

Nerd went in when he was ready for bed and would ALLOW me to pick him up and put him inside, sometimes with a tiny fight like grabbing the side of the door but he always went in. Lurch hated to go in but would eventually go in on his own and if we were lucky and quick we could close the door, after a while sometimes beating up his favorite inside toys would make him rush inside or on the door to defend them then I'd close the door and praise him and give him a treat which many times he'd throw down in a snit. Dobby at first played the try to catch me and make me go in game but eventually realized this is his new flock and his new cage/house and now MOST of the time will ride nicely inside once he's tired enough, sometimes he'll fly around a bit but it's way easier to step him up and get him to ride to the cage now, sometimes a thumb or fingers on his toes is employed and he realizes he's going in and usually doesn't fuss.
They all are individuals and will have their own requirements or things to be done to go night night so just work at their pace and eventually you will reach a understanding with each other.


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