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Archie and his band of hooligans

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Since I'm here, I might as well introduce my other bird companions :) I have six birds in total. There's August, the white capped pi, and then there's Archie and his band of hooligans. Archie is my 9 year old green cheek conure. He lives in a large flight cage/aviary with two retired cockatiel breeders called Mindwipe (F) and Redshift (M). ( I have a thing for Transformers, so you'll notice a pattern with the names of my birds, LOL! ). Across from August's cage  is Sideswipe and Firestorm, my current breeding cockatiels.

Well, the reason why I call Mindwipe and Redshift hooligans is because of the love triangle going on between Mindwipe, Archie and Redshift. In most houses, a green cheek would not be housed with cockatiels, but Archie gets along with Mindwipe and Redshift so spectacularly well I've decided to keep them in the large flight cage. Archie loves Mindwipe. I mean LOOOOVES Mindwipe. He'll politely chase her around the food bowl for preening, but she's like 'No frikking way, Mr!'. Poor Archie. :biglaughing: Then of course Mindwipe's mate, Redshift, is all annoyed with the goings on. He wants to sit beside Mindwipe and Archie's being told to buzz off. It's like a soap opera, lol!!! My other birds, Sideswipe and Firestorm are hated by Archie, so they have a different cage to separate them :)

And here are the pictures of my studio/bird room. Please ignore the disaster I call a drawing table.... :embarressed:

Mindwipe, Redshift and Archie

Archie and Redshift in background by Vampiric Conure, on Flickr

Mindwipe and Redshift

Mindwipe and Redshift by Vampiric Conure, on Flickr

Sideswipe and Firestorm

Sideswipe by Vampiric Conure, on Flickr

And Firestorm :)

Firestorm by Vampiric Conure, on Flickr

I have a 9 1/2 yr old green cheek named Princess because she is one, really more like the queen of the house

LOL! An aptly named Conure! Hello Princess  :)

Well gosh, glad to meet the hooligans!!  It's always super good when they can all mostly get along well.  Their good relationship may last a long time or it can take a turn for the not so nice ... that happens sometimes.

I've only ever had a problem once and Mindwipe is slightly bald because of it.  I used to have a plastic covering to the seed catcher inside the cage and the conure AND the cockatiels got into nesting mode because of it.  After watching one fight, I removed the covering and there's been no problems since. It was amazing - almost overnight there was no fighting!  It's a challenge keeping an eye out on them, but so far so good :)


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