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August was taking his tentative steps outside the cage today, giving me a chance to clean it.  I spooked him when I tried forcing a perch out of the cage (No luck) but he flew right back to the top of his cage where I  - well, we if you include him supervising - finished up.

PS: If you know how to remove a really really REALLY stuck-on-the-bars perch from a cage, I would love to hear your experiences!

And now for Pix: He looks like he's meditating in this image, LOL

IMG_3249 by Vampiric Conure, on Flickr

Just hanging out.

IMG_3250 by Vampiric Conure, on Flickr

Hmm! Maybe try a pair of pliers with some cloth over the jaws if your just having issues breaking loose the wing nut or whatever is jammed and holding it in place. Maybe some poop off and some type of safe lube will help if it's gummed up and jammed because of it.
Great pics, I have tons of pictures of Dobby, Lurch, and Nerd before them.
Need to go through and post some of Dobby sometime as he's always to something.

Thanks for the ideas, Re: The stuck on perch! It seems to have been forced into place by the cage's previous owner. I'm going to try lubing it with something tomorrow. I never knew a perch could be shoved into place so firmly, LOL!!
And thanks for the complements on the pictures. August is still slowly learning to explore his home - I've only had him for 2 months, so most of the pictures appear to be the same. I'd love to take a picture of him flying, but he always takes off when I least expect it.

I would love to see more of your flock! Who can turn down those feathered faces? LMAO!


--- Quote from: Dartman link=topic=553.msg4414#msg4414 date=1470977127.
Need to go through and post some of Dobby sometime as he's always to something.
[/quote ---
Uh-oh! I bet you're out of toothbrushes!
--- End quote ---

Well, luckily we both use sonic tooth brushes so he never bothers them. We have discovered to him a straw is as good as a pen or tooth brush so we save extras up and play tug of war with them and let him happily destroy them.
He actually climbed down the back of sisters recliner, grabbed her fingers, and drug them up for a demanded scritch, then later landed on her Kindle and grabbed her fingers again, then decided the chair arm beside her was safe and allowed/ got a half hour scritch.
When I pick him up he steps up willingly and sometimes allows a scritch while sitting on my hand and will stretch, do heart wings, and preen so I think I'm on the list of accepted and safe flock members, but she's momma now :icon_mrgreen:


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