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August Update on... August.


Well... clicker training isn't going as well as planned  :( August will only take almonds from me through the bars of the cage and will ignore me if I offer them when the door is open. Once he tried to bite me! Brat! I plan on getting slivered almonds so he doesn't have to chew on a whole almond when clicker training him...if he'll even go for them. Right now it's click and treat. Click and treat. Baby steps I guess. :)

Had August at the local parrot club on Friday eve. He was a sweetheart. He was caged, of course, but he had many fans, especially when I was on the bus. It's funny when people on the bus call him a cockatiel :biglaughing: That's right up there with people calling my 17 inch whippet cross a great dane!

Well you just have to keep working with him at his pace till he realizes your trustworthy and fun to hang out with and good things happen, he'll get there eventually. Lurch took most of 5 years but he had lots of baggage to work through.
Pretty sure august will be much faster then it's be he wont leave me alone :biglaughing:

Terry is the Jedi Master of patience with these birds and can give you the best advice.  Sorry I have nothing to offer, since we have only ever had velcro birds. My problem is finding anything at all to wear that does not have holes in the neck from beaks *v*

Thanks guys! There's the magical word - patience. I just have to hold on for a while :) I just wish I wasn't so impatient, lol!

Well Momazon you and your daughter certainly raised the most social and gentle Maxi I have ever known so your views are certainly relevant.  I was just as stubborn and hard headed as Lurch was and eventually we wore each other down.  He's like well he's still here and he is good at scratches, and I'm like I haven't got bit so today is a good day and it just developed into a trust and friendship.  :shades:


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