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I've turned my Pi into a seed Junkie


The good news is that August is supposed to like veggies and fruit. The down side is that I think I've created a seed junkie. I offer two bowls - one for veggies and one for seed/pellets and August has over the weeks started ignoring his veggies for the seed bowl.

The good news is that he is eating the pellets in his seed mix. I feed Tropican lifetime formula to my cockatiels and the seed mix comes with pellets.

Any advice on what i could do do encourage a return fruits and veggies? And what pellets, if any, do you feed your fids? I feed Tropican to my cockatiels because it's the easiest stuff to find.

You might try eating with him, or eating the sme thing you give him at the same time. Some people recommend just giving the fruit and veg first, then the seeds and pellets after they have eaten the fresh food. You could also try hand feeding new things, if he will take them, then at least he might try them.

Have you noticed which fresh foods he likes? I pretty much had to keep track of likes and dislikes, and when one liked broccoli, I'd add in things related, like cauliflower and brussels sprouts. My zon has never eaten citrus or most berries, but loves starchy things like corn and peas. She will eat very sweet grapes if I cut them in half.

Thanks Momazon :)

Apparently August is a pomegranate hawk. He looooves them. If only I could find them out here! I'm planning on a shopping trip, so I should find it somewhere. He turned his beak up at strawberries but adored the blueberries I bought. Just gonna keep trying offering him things :)

As for eating what he's got...I should try that. I usually give my brats one thing and I eat another, but if it'll encourage August to eat healthy again, I'll try it!

Maybe try pulling his seed/pellet bowl in the morning and only giving him his veggies for an hour or so, then put the pellets back in


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