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Dobby pics, I'm Dobbys dad now

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Well some of you may know Lurch flew out the door this spring and I climbed two trees trying to get him back but he finally flew away 2 days later. Momazon was chatting with me to make sure I was OK and her life took a turn so she offered me Dobby and he's a great, socialized, gentle soul, so unlike Lurch who made me earn everything I got.
Anyways here's some pics from recently to show what he's been up to.
He also seems to have chosen my sister as his love interest but still loves everybody else, she's just his favorite.

The rest

Aww, he looks so sweet!  I am sure he is having a great time. Glad I am not the only one who could not keep him out of the food!  I am so glad he is fitting in.  Thanks for the pics, Terry 

Yep, he seems happy and hyper. He likes everyone, loves our food, and seems fine hanging out in his house till we get home and let him out. He also mostly let's me pick him up for nappy time or if he needs to go back in when we have to leave or somebody gets home while he's out.
He still hasn't bit anybody yet, he's bluffed, beaked , etc but no definite bites yet :icon_mrgreen:

Dobby's looking like he's fitting right in! Congrats on the 'new' baby! LOL!  Love the straw fight picture, LOL And the one of him on the pot :)  :biglaughing:


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