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Wondering how to get a Pi more Active


When I read that Pionus' were perch potatoes, they weren't kidding! :shocking: I was wondering how you folks get your birds to be more active? August isn't hand tame , but he is starting to step up for me on a long wooden ladder. He's also missing some toenails, so I'm worried about his grip on things. He's completely ignored the foot toys I have for him. And the Foraging toy. And he just likes to climb on the rope perches and screech at me for more almonds, LOL. I'm used to Conures and cockatiels which are often on the move in one fashion or another. I was told by the lady who had August before me that August is as laid back as  Pionus' get. I suspect that might be part of my problem.

Any ideas?

And the customary Pi picture:  :wink1:

August being Coy by Vampiric Conure, on Flickr

None of my Maxis have been total perch potatoes. They all have active and nappy times and when active they either fly or run and walk everywhere. I think you just have to find the magic toy or treat that gets him excited. All my guys loved bells and things to beat up.
Maybe a foraging toy with high value treats will do it. Lurch didn't even come out of his cage except once for the first 6 months he was here and was scared to death but as he slowly realized I was safe and he got comfortable he slowly came out and got closer and closer to me.
Dobby was completely different and was out and getting into things and interacting immediately because of his loving upbringing and always good interactions with the family he loved, it carried over when he came here, completely different attitude.  They truly are all individuals with similarities and individual traits.

Thanks Dartman  :icon_mrgreen: There's that darned word again when it comes to pi's: Patience. I'll find something August likes sooner or later!


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