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Hello from Ren and George


I am Ren and my Pionus is George. He is half Maximilian and half White Cap. George is also my emotional support animal, and will rush over to check on me whenever he senses that I am having a hard time emotionally. He has a large vocabulary and is constantly hilarious. I am excited to find this forum and have conversations with other Pi owners!

Welcome, I currently have Dobby, a Maxi, before him Lurch, a big Maxi who escaped  :( and before him Nerd a very skinny Maxi who was my best friend for 31 years.
Tell us more about yourselves and post pics, we love pics.

Welcome Ren and George!! The birds can be very rewarding in helping you when you need it.  They always listen when no one else will! Hope to see some pics of George soon in the Pi forum area! Again, Welcome aboard!


Hello Hello from central canada :D I've never seen a pionus hybrid before. Most curious!


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