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Is a Christmas Tree a Foraging Toy?

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In an effort to decide what to do, I'd like others' input.  Do you have a tree and birds uncaged?  It has been many years since I had a tree, but think the zon will leave it alone if I have one again. We don't have a room where it can just be seen and not touched. 

Our dear Dobby was not the worst for destroying any tree, real or artificial, but he did a pretty good job of taking it down within minutes of being put up. There was a rescued greenwing who chewed everything to bits while it was still on the floor in boxes...not a good memory, but he did enjoy himself.

Now with one rather sedentary bird who is picky about her toys and doesn't move around much, I am thinking to give it another try, and would love to hear what you all do.

Well Lurch loved to mess with the trees, Nerd did a little, but from what I've seen of Dobby lately he'd be all over a tree just to get us excited I think. he's given up on MOST of the laundry soap boxes and things now because we turned over one of those cloth shopping bags you buy and covered everything so he can't get at them now. He seems to alternate on what he loves to bother and hasn't eaten the plants for a few days, must have gotten bored with them.

I never thought of turning a bag over things. What plants do you have? I used to have all the toxic ones, before we had birds.  I used to grow spider plants outside, bring them in,  and Dob would mow them down in a few seconds. The Christmas tree was a disaster his very first year  :yummy:

We have ivy, dracinsea, jade, spider, poinsettias, cactus, northok pine. He's still quite alive after mowing down the ivy and will bite anything he can get at and will walk and climb all over anything to get to interesting stuff.

Well, that all sounds like nice salad fixings  :yummy:


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