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hello i am a new owner, we rescued out 6 year old pionus, white capped, and tips? shes a little girl. any food tips? she is very loud, i read that they are actually quiet? any suggestions on giving her a happy healthy life, we also have a umbrella cockatoo

Welcome aboard, its been a bit quiet around here lately but glad you found us and we love pictures. I feed Dobby Zupreem fruit pellets and any greens or veggies he'll eat plus the probably mostly bad stuff he steels from us.
Sweet potatoes are supposed to be great, they all seem to love apples, peanuts should be avoided as far as they can contain the aspir spores that make our guys sick. Hopefully other long time owners here will see this and jump in with suggestions.
They USUALLY are quiet but every bird is their own soul and personality so many are quiet some can be quite loud an d some will mellow out on noise as they become more comfortable in their new flock.
Nerd bird was a Maxi and was mostly quite but had a flock call that could wake the dead. Lurch would get upset and start squawking and honking to get attention but got a bit better after a long time here as he realized he finally liked us and was happy, Dobby is pretty quiet and makes meep meep vocalizations a lot, but he can start calling loud when upset or trying to find us. If she starts going KACK KACK KACK!!! or honking she's probably very upset about something.

ty for the response! i see theres not too many ppl active lately :(    i appreciate the tips thou!

Hi and welcome!  I am Dobby's former slave, before he found Terry and Sandy to obey his every command :)  I think pi's are easy to feed because they almost always like fresh food. They do love starchy human food, too, though, and are prone to gout, according to The Practical Pionus and others here.  Jan is a great source of information, as she was a breeder for years.

If you search toxic foods, you'll find the big no-no's.  Aside from that, they make less noise with lots of chew toys.  Our birds would shred rolls of toilet paper if we were out of toys. Messy, but cheap.

Never had a white cap but I hear they are great!

She doesn't seem to be getting social. She strikes at us and won't step up. She eats anything pretty much. We only give her bird food. No ppl food. It scares me. She's 6 years old.  Ty for the response. If you can hook me up with someone that is experienced with them that would be great I want to give her the best life I can


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