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Hi!  At the moment, there are 2 nonhumans living with me, one being a Maximillian, who I call Max or Maxi (not very original!).  He's lived with me since he's a baby, for 13 years so far, and  has quite a vocabulary!  Most amazing, he know how/when to use phrases in context!  And can be quite the clown!

Hi AnimalLover!!  Welcome to our forum for Pionus! Nice to hear you've had a Maxi for a good 13 years, Maxi Pi's are wonderful birds.  Will look forward to hearing about and seeing images of your feathered kid!  I have a Blue Head and a Coral Billed Pionus. 

 :hello1: I've had 4 Maxis so far, they are great birds and each one was his own soul with his own personality.ll of them similar but different at the same time. We love pics :icon_mrgreen:

Hi and a belated welcome!  I no longer have a pi, but one yna.  Still love pi's and can't seem to stay away!  Hope you post pics!

Hi. Just got a breeder pair of pionus parrots. Am new into this so when i saw this group, i decided to join to get more info on this specie. Thank you for letting me join.


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