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pionus aggression towards other birds

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My max pionus is aggressive towards my other birds.  One budgie had her foot basically bitten off (was sitting on the side of Hallie's cage (the max).  My budgie had to be put down because the damage was so severe.  Hallie is in a separate room now.  She yells to come out, and I bring her down, but she lunges at my other birds.  I don't even let the other budgie be out when Hallie is down here.  I put Hallie on the highest point of the cages tonight, and that worked for  about a minute, then she lunged at the cockatiels.  So I pulled the cage Hallie was sitting on,  into the middle of the room, and that worked for about 1/2 hr.  Then, one of the cockatiels came over onto the top of her cage, and she bit it's tail feathers.  I am about to surrender her to Burge Bird Services.  I want to do right by Hallie, but I can't have a murderer in my home.  ???

Sorry about your Budgie.  So, have you had your other birds before your Maxi started living with you? How long has she been with you now? Do you know any of her past history? She could simply just be a bully.  My Coral Billed Pionus is a bit of bully towards my Blue Head but it more like she knows Blu is afraid so that sort of thing is for sure taken advantage of but its not bad and I keep them a part and if needed I keep Gabby's wings clipped so she can't get to Blu so easily.

You also want to be careful for situations like if your Maxi can fly because then she will just fly over to their cages and can bite toes through the cage bars should the bird be hanging on to the side of the bars.  If she is fairly new to your home, then she could settle down later on but maybe not. Some birds will stop at nothing and go out of their way to tease, torment, bully and are out for destruction of other birds.

OMG, I had a BW that used to try to take my ears off, but she calmed down after a year or so. How awful about your budgie.

I have had the BW, a Blue head, and a Maxi.  None were ever aggressive except the BW to me. I wonder what is making this little terror tick?  Could it be jealousy or dominance?

My daughter did have a female sennie who tried to kill everything that moved except my daughter.  That bird would attack my zon, the Maxi Pi, and our dogs. Female sennies are known for that, though, and pi's are not. 

Keep posting and let us know if isolating helps. 

Also wanted to say I agree with Jan. In this case, wing clipping would be on the schedule asap.

Momazon - well you know, sometimes birds don't like a particular gender, do you think it was that maybe as to why she tried to get you?

A short while back after I brought the birds in before last winter came on, Gabby was fully flighted.  Well, she would just fly over to Blu's Cage which was about 6 feet away from her cage so of course she would not stop doing it so I clipped a like 2 feathers from each side to try to slow her down but she could still fly over with no problem.  So I did two more feathers off from each side ... still she made it over there to Blu's area so I take off I think another two from each side.  I was just trying to prevent her from dropping like a rock because she does if too many flight feathers are clipped.  But now being April Gabby is getting a few feathers in so she has made it over to Blu's area a few times.  Mainly she likes to go over there to sit on Blu's Atom but Blu does not like it one bit and runs from her and you know when she runs to get away ... then Gabby thinks its a game of I can catch you!!  LOL!

Back in their early days the two of them got along fine but then Gabby started bullying Blu, so to not stress Blu out I try my best to see to it that Gabby can not pester her.


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