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August, the finger warrior


Well, August's taken to trying to bite my fingers when I feed him. I have pull out dishes and snap over clasps that keep the bowls in place. When I don't move fast enough August, I get lunged at. He's a sweetheart otherwise :) But good lord is he ever a perch potato. Goes to one perch outside his cage at playtime and sits there for 2 hours. He ignores his toys. What a brat :P

They do love to protect their home and food supplies. Lurch was really bad for that till he finally realized if he left me alone he got fresh food and water. Dobby of course could care less and Nerd decided I was the only one allowed to reach into his cage.

Aw, hopefully it is a phase he is going through.  Maybe being this time of the year, it is a little of that.


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