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3 years ago I adopted a severely neglected blue headed pionus. I sat down with two ladies and they asked me my knowledge (I more then pleased them with what I knew) and I know a lot about animals period but I'm not a narcissist so I know I'm not a specialist in certain areas and that's why I am here.

So Taco spent almost 20 years in a parakeet cage. I switched him from seeds to zoopreme pellets and I cut up fruits and veggies daily. he lives in a cage meant for a larger parrot now. ill post a pic. different perches now unlike before. avian lightbulb. outside when nice enough out. he had  feathers only on his head and wings and a few on tail . after a few months he was fully feathered minus where the wings touch the back. they couldn't handle him they told me use a hangar. I had him on my shoulder two weeks later . they couldn't believe it.

anyways, I found a white capped pionus last month and drove up two months to get her. its a she because he told me she laid eggs. taco is a he because after I adopted I took to vet in Yorktown an avian specialist and he was looked over and DNA'd.  so this gentlemen wanted to see how I interacted with her since she hated everyone but me. I won her over within 15 minutes. now it seems like she wants to mate w me. I didn't get her to breed with Taco but more be company and a female of the same or similar species will work best from what I read and common sense. I fully intend to boil any eggs laid. both these parrots basically love me but she wants to mate w me. I got her beak trimmed nails cut and 2 flight feathers on each wing clipped just for now.  I

I bring them to neutral areas and feed them treats but its like they avoid each other.  now I know taco is a victim of abuse and they are doing surprisingly well . I want to know if I'm headed in the right direction and what can I do to improve relations. I don't want to breed as i stated earlier if it happens it happens plus I hear only wild caught are good breeders , but I would like them to be able to live together eventually and preen each other and know my friends are happy when I'm at work

Hi there and welcome to the forum!  I like your story so far and hopefully one day they can both be great friends.  I would just slowly let them get use to each other.  They may or many not get along and some birds can be fine for a while and later become enemies so just watch for any bickering or trying to chase, bite or harass one another.

Nice pictures, I notice in your second photo which I think it is the white cap on the cage door ... how come there are not any toys in there? Maybe there is now, do both birds like toys?

As far as breeding as you said you don't want to breed but in reality two that are not the same is always best to not let them produce babies. I think you are on the right track with everything you are doing so far.  What is their main diet consist of or what do they like best to eat?

Hey. That's Taco the blueheaded on the door. He doesn't play with much I'm assuming due to his past . I do have "feather plucker" toys and calcium type chew rings. The avian bulb in a white cage w almost white wall drown it out. They are all at the top because that's where he is and he's more likely to use them. He also has a heated perch towards the right. If u zoom in or darker in you can see better. So I give the them fresh water 2-3 times a day depending on how it looks. They dunk of course lol. They always have a bowl of zupreme pellets available. Every morning I take a mixture of frozen veggies that I defrost under warm water and chop up. I give the size about their heads roughly because that's what I read. She hasn't taken to veggies yet but I still provide. In the veggies are broccoli flowerettes, green bean, a lot of carrot, corn, lima bean, red and yellow pepper. I feed fresh fruit in afternokm-evening such as apple, grape  (in moderation) watermelon , honeydew, blueberries and raspeberries,strawberry , banana. I'm sure there is more thathan I can't remember. As for treats I give nutriberry senior. Vet recomended because of Tacos age and that the seeds are huled so he can't pick and choose and that the vitamins are coated on the seed instead of shell. I also give quality nuts. Bird jungle in Yonkers makes nut mix. I just skip the peanut because of potential aspergillosis. It includes Brazil nut, filbert, cashew, almond, walnut and a few others (possibly pinenut) .

I know eventually she will take to veggies by watching Taco or just time because he didn't like them at first either. Any other fruits /vegs/treats that you can recomend?

Thanks for being there for them and giving them a loving home. I give Dobby several water dishes and a Small animal water bottle. He tends to pick one to dunk in, one to sometimes dring out of, or dunk depending, and he seems to love the small animal water bottle and drinks out of it just fine. That way he always has at least one source of clean drinking water available no matter what he does to the two other dishes and at least he seems to prefer drinking from the bottle now.
Lurch before him would very occasionally use the bottle and like fouling the dishes, Nerd before them used the animal bottle exclusively and even got excited every time I got him fresh cold water. He tended to not tip dishes so I kept a water dish on top of his cage for him to play and dunk in which he liked a lot and would also love playing with ice cubes I would add to it for him when it was hot.

So yesterday she laid an egg. (white capped). It must have been laid from the perch because it was cracked and  I know it was infertile. I got the yolk out w very hot water n put the egg back in the cage. later that night she ate the shell. So originally she was more interested in Taco than he @ her. She would go in his (blue headed) cage to eat and just look around. He  would be on the play stand or top perch. Now, he is going on top of her cage and she is acting different. She is no longer trying to do a breeding display for me because I just ignored when she was getting worked up like  I was told to. Does my Blue headed sense a change in her now? they got into a bit of a squabble. it was more sound n open beaks than anything. I actually happened to get in on tape because I didn't expect it. its about 5 min if anyone wants to see to have a better give me the better understanding. should I let them work it out? I put my hand and phone in the middle of them. I'm not worried about being bit. I keep a pitbull lol. I feel like Taco is not trying to dominate her top of the cage when she hangs out. is this something they should work out as long as it doesn't become true aggression ? they are never out without supervision btw

p.s. when she was displaying to me about a week + ago, he was also on my shoulder and she actually tried to deter him from getting closer but then she flew off. I had them trim two flight feathers on each wing if that matters in terms of behavior. So she went from being the bossy to the bullied and I used those terms extremely loosely


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