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Hello All,

I have a white capped pionus (Tallulah) that has some strange coloration (photos attached). She (or he) appears perfectly healthy, averages 217 g since 2011 when we first rescued her, hasn't increased or decreased weight since then by more than 5%, has clear eyes, eats zupreem natural and roudybush maintenance pellets and fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains, is active, talkative etc. But much of the green on her wings has been replaced by yellow. Originally, she did look like a normal white capped pionus. Just took her to the vet who suggested she appeared perfectly healthy. Has anyone seen any coloration in P. senilis like this? I have read that strange coloration can be a sign of fatty liver disease. As I said, she appears perfectly healthy in all other respects. BTW, Img 3348 taken with wet feathers after a bath. Thanks for any info or shared experiences.  Roldan

Okay pretty colors, but she is a hybred ... a mix of something other than pure White Cap. I wouldn't think the coloring is due to health issues, it's more of just a cross breed between two Pionus species, what that would be exactly, not sure.  Are you here in the United States?

Yes. I was able to find the breeder, and he had never seen coloration like that in his birds. Also, attached is what she looked like when I originally rescued her.

oh WOW!!! I am speechless then.  Have you had her to an avian vet? Strange just would have thought she was always that color.

Well I live in a small town so the vet I brought her to has many years (~27) of experience, including with birds, but is not a certified avian vet. There is no certified avian vet in our immediate area, but I may need to drive a couple of hours to find one. I am happy to know that our vet with bird experience examined her, did not detect her to be overweight, observed clear eyes, beak, etc. But, I'd like to get a certified bird vet to say the same. Trying to put the feelers out on the list to see if anyone else had observed similar colors. Thanks for your replies.


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