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We purchased an older bird that was returned to bird store
super sweet  -I wont go into how and why the bird was returned but its really sweet.

We are trying to read the bird behavior
It asks for a head rub then breaths out through its nostrils in quick pulses like its stressed?
I don't know how to read him.
Is there a list of their behavior?

That is the infamous Pionus wheeze and they all will do it when scared, or sometimes happy. I have seen YouTube videos of Pionus doing it while being scritched so like said for some it's a happy reaction. All of my Pionus seemed to do it when concerned but every bird is different so yours may be doing it out of extreme happiness about getting a nice scratch.
If he flares and fluffs and tries to threaten then maybe he is concerned and if pushed may bite but sounds like his reaction to being excited/happy. Welcome to the site, we love pictures.

I gave him a bath and now he smells like wet flowers... does that go away?

Pionus have a scent that varies with the bird. Nerd smelled like old oranges, Lurch had a much stronger more sharp smell, Dobby kinda smells like flowers sometimes though he usually doesn't do it often. It comes and goes with their mood I think.

How do I keep him from wanting to go into his cage all the time?
all he wants is go on my shoulder.... but I heard that is bad to let them.
He's an older bird and I don't know if his previous let him.


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