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Rookie is settling in nicely and as a result is getting more noisy during the day while I'm gone at work! I think the primary issue is that he is bored/lonely since when I am home he's practically attached to me or interestingly watching my boyfriend. On weekends he's out of the cage nearly all day long but on the weekdays he's out for a little bit in the morning before I go to work and then out for some hours after I get home until bedtime, but home alone in the cage for most of the day.

If it's a lonely issue, I'm thinking of getting a small radio to play so that there's something to listen to/chatter with during the day. For boredom... he's not interested in many toys. Really the only time he touches his toys is when I'm trying to get him to go to sleep and he's being a little feathery butt. I have tried placing treats within toys and playing with them myself to get him interested and it works-ish when I'm around but as of yet he doesn't play with anything while I'm at work. He sits around, eats, and screams, which is understandable since he's bored.

Any tips and tricks to continue/help to get him engaged in toys so that he can play independently while my boyfriend and I are at work during the day? I'm not only concerned about grumpy neighbors because of his screeching but more worried about him developing behavioral issues/anxiety issues because of boredom during the day.

Thanks all. Any help is appreciated. <3

Well the two Maxi's I've had when I've had cameras on them seem to mostly sit, nap, get a drink or eat some food, and very occasionally play with their toys while they are home alone according to the security camera captures I have watched so maybe your guy isn't as unhappy and bored as you think. I don't know how noisy they are during the day as my cameras don't record sound but they didn't appear to be sounding off a lot. You might want to try leaving a radio on and see if that keeps his attention or the TV I spose.
Dobby loves to ring his bells and chew things up so if you don't have any noise makers or chew toys might want to try those too.

Mine always played more when there were other living things around, even a lowly being like a dog.  Next best thing is to be outside alone, then last choice isto be inside with the television on.

Now that Dob is enjoying the good life with Terry and Sandy, my zon likes The Life Of Birds, with Daid Attenborough narrating, and also the one on the wild birds of Telegraph Hill.  she will watch anything, though, and yells at anything with conflict.  There are many nature specials on Netflix she loves.

I do leave the radio on sometimes if there are wild birds to watch outside her window and she can't be out where the tv is (she attacks my daughter when I'm at work, so she has to be in her own room).

Thank you both for your feedback!

He's no longer noisy during the day much, generally within an hour of one or both of us getting home if at all, but I do still worry about the toy thing. I am glad to hear from other pi owners though that chilling around when I'm not home may be a norm and he probably isn't as bored as I think. He gets chirpy when we get home but I think that's excitement. Until then I'll mess around with a radio and toys just in case but not worry too much if he decides to chill during the day. <3 Thanks a bunch for your recommendations! The Life of Birds sounds like a great recommendation momazon! I'm going to check that out.

The Wils Bird Of Telegraph Hill is also a fav, but there is a scene where a blue fronted conure gets eaten by a hawk.  My zon flew into the wall when she saw that.  Nobody can tell me they don't understand exactly what they see.

Lately the zon likes Planet Earth and Blue Planet.  She yells and comes close to me if I put any tiger specials on, or really any predator stuff.  She likes March Of The Penguins, too.

Good luck, these creatures are phenomenal.


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