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I am a proud owner of a 10 year old Bronze-Winged Pionus named Molly! Glad to be part of the pionus club.  One of the reasons I wanted to hook up with other pionus owners is because I was wondering if anyone ever did any kind of study/research on the different vocal noises that pionus make (and if they all make the same noises/sounds or is it specific to one species of pionus, or maybe just that individual bird).
 For example, Molly makes a kind of raspberry noise, and we go back and forth making that noise to each other, and I guess it's a game. I wondered if anybody else's bird makes this noise? Also, sometimes she makes a 'cawing' sound almost like a crow. And of course, the loud scream, usually when she's sitting on my shoulder!! ^-^
Anyway, thanks for letting me join the club.. hope to meet some other pionus lovers..... Anita

I got Nerd bird in 78 and pretty sure he was wild caught. He had a wicked loud jungle flock call and all kinds of wild Pionus noises. He left me in 09 so family found and helped me get Lurch, another Maxi Pionus. His noises were similar but he didn't know half the vocalizations Nerd did and his others were just similar. Lurch escaped in 2015 and I was given Dobby by Momazon when her life changed and she couldn't keep him. He goes bebeep like a finch, has some familiar Nerd like noises, and loves to whistle and talks a bit. Lurch talked a lot, Nerd only talked in the words of his people and we understood each other perfectly. I think they instinctively know something about noises they should make but get taught their language by the parents and the rest of their flock so it kinda varies. Nerd used to look at me with happy eyes and quietly go ERK! which was his way of saying everything was right with his world.

Hi Dartman! thanks for replying to my post! I am sorry for the loss of Nerdbird and Lurch. I know how hard it is to lose a baby...this is my first real parrot - I've had parakeets and cockatiels all my life (still do). I almost lost Molly myself, when she got out of the house. But luckily for me (after 4 horrific days of trying to get her back) I finally did catch her. She had the wherewithall to stay around the house and call out to me (with me calling back) that I eventually lured her down from the trees with some food.
Anyway, back to the vocalizations - that's true that they do have their "own" language. Molly doesn't say alot of words, but she she does have some vocabulary, and yes, she too says things that I think only another pionus would understand (lol)... sounds like she's muttering under her breath...
Say hi to Dobby from Molly...... Anita

Hi Anita,

I don't think I ever remember my white cap, Cosmo, making the sounds that you describe.  She did make one sound quite a bit toward the end of her life that was a very soft whistle sound whenever she wanted me to come to her.

One of my favorite things that she said was when she saw me go to the closet and take out my coat.  She would often immediately begin saying "Goodbye, Cosmo"  "Goodbye, Cosmo."  That always made me a little sad to leave her.

]Hi Cab, I am so sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is to lose your 'baby'.  They bring such joy in your life, and you might  not be  ready to think of getting another so soon, but I hope when you do, he/she will bring you some comfort and joy back.
I've had Molly for about 10 years now. I almost lost her to the wild, but was lucky she came back to me. I don't know what I'd do if I had lost her.
It's interesting to hear from different people about the pionus 'vocabulary' and sounds. I often wondered if anyone did any kind of 'research' to document the different sounds these birds make to see if they 'mean' anything - like hello, I'm hungry, leave me alone.... lol
When its bedtime, Molly says 'goodnight Molly'. Its funny to hear her also say this in the morning when I am uncovering her for the day. She doesn't have a large vocabulary, but does also say pretty bird and the wolf whistle.   
Take care,
P.S. I am going to try an attach a picture of Molly. This is when we first got her. Do you have a picture of Cosmo? I would love to see her.


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