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Hi there fellow parrot lovers!

On Monday morning, I suddenly lost the only parrot I have ever had: my White-capped Pionus, Cosmo, after 21 awesome years.  Needless to say, I miss her very, very much.

Though I stopped by the forums many times, I thoughht that I woiuld create an account so that I can contribute a little bit.

Looking forward to meeting some of you!


I'm sorry you lost her but it sounds like she knew she was safe and loved to the end. You've already read about my birdsso I'd say when your ready open your heart to another bird that needs a loving family for the rest of it's life. I wasn't sure I wanted or was ready for another bird after loosing Nerd but family thought otherwise and found me Lurch and we were good for each other.
Hope to see you posting and maybe a new addition someday.

Hey Dartman!

I need to find the posts where you talked about your birds and catch up.  I would enjoy learning more about them.  Would you post a few pictures of your current bird?

Yes, I will eventually consider another bird.  I really enjoyed having Cosmo around each day.  But there is so much to consider:  Where can I find another bird?  Should I go to a breeder, or a rescue?  Which Pionus species should I consider?  I have to think about these things.

Also, Cosmo was a female who had a lot a behavioral problems because of hormones and nesting behavior.  I am starting to think that maybe female white caps are prone to this because I see many youtube videos of white caps exhibiting this type of behavior.  Maybe I will consider a male for my second parrot in order to avoid those types of problems and to learn what its like to interact with a male (with its own set of challenges, I am sure).

I also want to spend some time studying bird diet and thinking of ways to improve my approach.

Parrots are absolutely amazing creatures and I would eventually love to have another one!!!

I think if you hit my user icon you can search for posts started by me and you should see a lot about Lurch, Nerd, and Dobby and there should be pics in some too. All of my guys have been Maxis and at least two of them were DNA males. Nerd I always assumed was male but he could also be very sweet and gentle with me. Dobby is into everything and loves my sister best so far. Lurch was Lurch and there should be plenty about him here.

I would really like to learn more about male Maxis.  Cosmo was a female who had a lot of hormone/nesting behaviors which were often very challenging to live with.

Do you enjoy having a male?  What are Maxi personalities like?


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