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My little Girl Gabby is now along 3.5 years old.  She is a Coral Billed Pionus, one of my very last Coral Bill babies that I produced in my last year of breeding in 2009.  Gabby has been staying out in the aviary with Chester my Hawk Headed Parrot and a Cockatiel named Tiely Bob.  Gabby gets to fly back and forth all the time in a 36 foot long aviary.  She loves it!!

I was going to post a couple of images that I've taken sometime back but now I can not find them on my PC ... so I'll figure that out a bit later on!!

Hi Gabby! I bet you are the apple of your mom's eye! You sound skilled at flying

Yep, I am my Mama's favorite Coral Bill and my Mama still can not find the photo images she had taken of us out there so I will tell her to retake some more pics!  Did I tell you that I am all out of birdie cookies .... a.k.a. Veggie Bars? Yep, I am going to tell my Mama to either order me some online or I will fly all the way to Canada to get them myself!! LOL!

Ms Gabby - Your mamma needs to get going and put in your order with AO soon as we don't want you to fly that far!

She sounds adorable--I bet she's very sweet.


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